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Manufacturing Overview

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Production Capacity

The company has 250 sophisticated workers and 5 production lines, which offers the production capacity of 30K units per month.



Owon Technology have a very solid foundation because of production experience for 20 years, which ensure the large scale production advantages, the company had been accessing to the global market since 2000, we have a long-term stable cooperative relations with European and American customers and are familiar with all countries' product details, import and export authentication, which Shorten communication latency and increase collaboration efficiency.


Human Resource

90% of production line worker are equipped with 5+ years experience. Thanks to the humanity-based company culture and employee owned corporate structure, the annual personnel turnover rate is kept at a very low level.


Manufacturing Planning – MRP & ERP & SCM

The company implements Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline the entire manufacturing procedure, so as to minimize unnecessary inventory without sacrificing the on-time delivery of products, thus to deliver the business value in term of cost-effectiveness and timeliness.


Quality System – ISO & TQM

OWON obtained the ISO9000 certification in 2003 and continuously implements company-wide TQM to meet and exceed customers' expectations towards quality.

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