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Mini Smart Lighting Kits

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Model: HASS7000


      HASS7000 system is a simple and convenient ZigBee solution enabling the users to realize their Smart Home dream with minimal efforts and investment. HASS7000 offers multiple options to convert the existing lighting to an integrated smart system: the users could transform their regular room lighting by embedding a Power Relay into the current circuit; while a Smart Plug could be used to upgrade your floor or desk lamp; and most incredibly, households could simply replace their light bulbs with ZigBee-enabled LEDs for various smart applications such as remote On/Off, dimming and even the adjustment of color temperature.


      Each converted light could be paired with and remotely controlled by one or more Remote Switches from anywhere at home. With the help of a Mini ZigBee Remote Control, the users are further allowed to integrate up to 12 groups of lightings into a single system, so as to monitor and control the whole-home lighting with a Mini Remote in hand.


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