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HASS 6000A - Automation Kit

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Model: HASS6000A

    Key Components

  • Smart Plug: WSP403-HA
  • Smart Lighting : SLC601-HA, SLC602-HA


    Smart Plug

    The Smart Plug allows remote On/Off control of home appliances to save energy and prevent the appliances from overheating. Meanwhile it could measure the energy usage of each appliance and forward the information to the user's smartphones or tablets. The Smart Plug is also an ideal tool in converting desk lamps or floor lamps into smart lighting. Moreover, by working in conjunction with the Home Automation Gateway, the Smart Plugs will be able to run at a user-defined schedule.

    Smart Lighting

    Users could transform their ordinary lighting into a smart system simply by inserting the ZigBee power relay - SLC601 into the existing circuit. The user will then be able to control the lighting On/Off using their mobile devices, a remote control or the ZigBee wireless lighting switch - SLC602. By working in conjunction with the Home Automation Gateway, the lights could be turned On/Off according to schedule.


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