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Total Quality Management

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The Company obtained the ISO9000 certification in 2003, followed by implementing company-wide TQM.


Full Participation

“Full Participation” is the core of TQM. The full participation includes not only QA management personnel, decision makers, and other staff from functional departments but also suppliers, distributors who involve in the Company's business operations as a whole. The Company has extended its TQM to cover all personnel in production articulations including supply chain, R&D, distribution and logistics;


Setting up “Customer Orientation” principle and implementing “Customer” concept across every articulation of the enterprise, the Company transforms all downstream departments into “Internal Customers” to enjoy the same quality service, not only the production activities are directed per their demands but also the quality control at each articulation successfully blocks and removes deficiencies from passing through the system;


Process Control

By having “Process Control” at each articulation, the product is free from defects;


Preventive Measures
“Preventive Measure” advocacy requires the quality control to start from the design stage and to be furthered in the entire process to eliminate all possible factors affecting the quality qualification standards thus increasing the pass rate;


Digital Quality Managemen
The company has implemented a “Digital Quality Management” system by establishing a quality management database to ensure the quality management process being scientific, accurate so that the quality evaluation is based on pure logical and intuitive analysis of deterministic data and information;


Continuous Improvement

OWON has implemented “Continuous Improvement” quality control mechanism to continuously elevate and improve every production articulation.


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