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IHD703 - ZigBee 7” In Home Display


Hardware and Firmware Highlights
  • ZigBee SEP1.1 compliant
  • Smart meter interoperability
  • 7” color touchscreen LCD display
  • Powerful CPU for complicated calculation
  • Mass storage capacity for historic data
  • Sleep or Power Saving mode
  • Backup Li-ion battery


IHD Features

  • Real-time energy tracking both in data and graph
  • Dynamic pricing information
  • Accumulative energy usage tracking
  • Historic data and graph display
  • Historic data exporting
  • User-defined alerts for energy usage threshold
  • Utility message and notification display
  • Desktop calendar with date and time display


Thermostat Control Features

  • Temperature remote control
  • Support 7-day programming
  • Multiple HOLD options
  • Heating & Cooling indicator
  • ZigBee Connectivity: In compliance with ZigBee SEP 1.1 (Smart Energy Profile 1.1);
  • AMI Compatibility: Interfaces with AMI (Advance Metering Infrastructure) technologies such as Trilliant, Silver Spring, etc;
  • Smart Meter Interoperability: Fully integrated into HAN (Home Area Network) and retrieves the whole home energy consumption data from the Smart Meter via wireless communication and display the information on the LCD screen;
  • Password Protection: The system is protected by a 4-digit password to ensure the system safety and users' privacy;
  • Color LCD Touch Screen: 7" full color, touch screen LCD display with excellent clarity;
  • Real-Time Energy Usage Tracking: Displays current utility Time-of-Use period, price rate and real-time power consumption both numerically and graphically. Uses At-a-Glance graphic for better real-time energy usage tracking;
  • Energy Usage Alerts and Prompts: System alerts when electricity consumption exceeds the set threshold; displays TOU period countdown and prompts when reaching the Off-Peak period; 
  • Energy Usage Trend Forecasting: Uses Side-by-Side histogram comparison for energy usage prediction, which includes "last hour vs. next hour", "today vs. each day in the past week", and "this month vs. same month in last year";
  • Historical Data Display: Displays hourly, daily and monthly data both numerically and graphically for the past 10 years. Offers vivid diagram display for history data review;
  • Historical Data Download: Downloads hourly, daily, weekly and monthly data to a PC via USB or SD card;
  • Display and Update Time-of-Use Information: TOU schedule display and update;
  • Excellent System Performance: Excellent system performance backed up with a supreme 400MHz embedded CPU; up to 300-ft wireless range;
  • Backup Li-ion Battery: up to 3 hour capacity under working mode and more in stand-by offering the system with better mobility and portability;
  • Digital Photo Frame: Displays personal photos or favorite pictures while in stand-by mode; selects from USB Stick, SD Card or device's local memory for image; single image or slideshow display in preferred speed; sets an image as the system background;
  • Multiple System Configuration Options: Real-time clock synchronization between the HEM device and the Smart Meter, customizable background pictures and etc.
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