ZigBee/Ethernet Gateway OEM projects smart gateway

Main Feature:

  • Model: X1
  • Item Dimension: 91.5(W) x 133 (L) x 28.2(H) mm
  • Fob Port: Zhangzhou, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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    Main Features:

    • ZigBee HA1.2 compliant
    • ZigBee coordinator of the home area network
    • Powerful CPU for complicated calculation
    • Mass storage capacity for historic data
    • Cloud server interoperability
    • Firmware upgradable via micro USB port
    • Affiliate mobile apps

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    x1 zj2 zj3





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  • ▶ Main Specification:

    CPU  MIPS, 200MHz
    Flash Rom  2MB
    Data Interface  Micro USB port
    SPI Flash  16MB
    Ethernet  100M bps
    Auto MDIX
    RF Characteristics  Operating frequency: 2.4GHz
    Internal PCB Antenna
    Range outdoor/indoor: 100m/30m
    Power Supply  5V DC
    Rated power consumption: 1W
    LEDs  Power, ZigBee, Ethernet, Bluetooth
    Dimensions  91.5(W) x 133 (L) x 28.2(H) mm
    Weight  103 g
    Mounting Type  Power adapter
    Plug Type: US, EU, UK, AU
    WAN Protocols  IP Addressing: DHCP, Static IP
    Data Porting: TCP/IP, TCP, UDP
    Security Modes: SSL
    ZigBee Profile  Home Automation Profile
    Downlink Commands  Data format: JSON
    Gateway Operation Command
    HAN Control Command
    Uplink Messages  Data format: JSON
    Home Area Network information
    Security Authentication
    Password protection on mobile apps
    Server/gateway interface authentication ZigBee Security
    Preconfigured Link Key
    Certicom Implicit Certificate Authentication
    Certificate-Based Key Exchange (CBKE)
    Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
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