3 ways the IoT will improve the lives of animals

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The IoT has changed the survival and lifestyle of human beings, at the same time, animals also are benefited from it.

1. Safer and healthier farm animals

Farmers know that monitoring livestock is vital.Watching sheep helps farmers determine the areas of pasture their flocks prefer to eat and can also alert them to health problems.

In a rural area of Corsica, farmers are installing IoT sensors on pigs to learn about their location and health.The region’s elevations vary, and the villages where pigs are raised are surrounded by dense forests.However, IoT sensors work reliably, proving that they are suitable for challenging environments.

Quantified AG hopes to take a similar approach to improve visibility for cattle farmers.Brian Schubach, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer, says about one in five cattle gets sick during breeding. Shubach also claims that veterinarians are only about 60 percent accurate in diagnosing diseases related to livestock.And data from the Internet of Things could lead to better diagnoses.

Thanks to technology, livestock can live a better life and get sick less often.Farmers can intervene before problems arise, allowing them to keep their business profitable.

2. Pets can eat and drink without intervention

Most domestic pets are on a regular diet and complain with whines, barks and meows if their owners don’t fill their bowls with food and water.IoT devices can distribute food and water throughout the day, such as OWON SPF series, can their owners solve this problem.

People can also feed their pets using Alexa and Google Assistant commands.In addition, IoT pet feeders and water founders address the two main needs of pet care, making them very convenient for people who work irregular hours and want to reduce stress on their pets.

3. Make the  pets and owner closer

For pets, the love of their owners means the world to them. Without the company of their owners, pets will feel abandoned.
However, technology helps to make up for the limitation. Owners can take care of their pets through technology and make their pets feel loved by their owners.
IoT security cameras are equipped with microphones and speakers that allow owners to see and communicate with their pets.
In addition, some gadgets send notifications to smartphones to tell them if there is too much noise in the house.
Notifications can also tell the owner if the pet has knocked over something, such as a potted plant.
Some products also have a throw function, allowing owners to throw food at their pets at any time of day.
Security cameras can help owners keep abreast of what’s going on in the home, while pets also benefit a lot, because when they hear their owners’ voice, they won’t feel lonely and can feel their owners’ love and care.



Post time: Jan-13-2021

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