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About OWON

 OWON Technology (part of LILLIPUT Group) is an ISO 9001 :2008 certified Original Design Manufacturer specialized in the design and manufacturing of electronic and computer related products since 1993. Backed by a solid foundation in embedded computer and LCD display technology, and by partnering  with   major  industry  players,  OWON  further  integrates  IOT  technologies  into  its  technology  mix,  offering  both  standardized  products  and  customized  solutions  for  uilitiesess  cable/broadband  operators,  home builders,  property management, contractors, and the retail market. OWON’s line of ZigBee  Certified  products  covers  Smart Energy Home Automation, and Light Link.

●Fullline technical service including industrial & structural design, hardware & PCB design, firmware & software design, and system integration;
●20-plus years of manufacturing expens ice backed by a mature and efficient supply chain;
●Stable and consistent human resources as well as active em-ployee involvement;
●The combination of international presentation” and “made in China” guarantees high-level customer satisfaction without sacrificing  cost effectiveness.

ZigBee Home Automation and ZigBee Light Link Devices for OEM/ODM Customers

OWON offers a variety of white-labeled ZigBee Certificated devices in compliance with ZigBee Home Automation or ZigBee Light Link standards, including Home Auomation Gateway, Smart thermostat, split AIC Control, Smart Plug, Power Relay, On/Off DimmerSwitch, Remote Control, Range Extender, etc. In adition to improving our customers with “well-tailored” devices as per customers’ requirements so as to perfectly match their technical and business goals.

ZigBee Smart Energy Products/Solutions for Utility Application

OWON has been engaged in Smart Metering deployment projects since 2011 by offering In-Home Display, Customer Accessible Device, and Programmble Communicating Thermostat to the Utility industry. The team has successfully developed ZSE1.2 stacks and abling  the interoperability with a number of mainstream AMI systems and Smart Meter suppliers such as trilliant, Sliver Spring, Itron, GE, Siemens, etc.

In addition to the individual ZigBee Smart Energy devices, OWON also provides a Demand Reponse Management Solution centralized by a Smart Energy Gateway SEG-X3. I parallel with the Utilities Demand Response framework, the system also allows end-users to easily monitor and control their pool pumps or PCTs away from home using a mobile APP. The Energy Gateway interfaces with Home Area Network using its ZigBee connectivity, while further bridges the HAN to the cloud  Services via hroadband. 

M2M Platforms for System Intergration

OWON also provides ZigBee-enabled devices with open API(Application Programming Interface) and CPI (Communication Protocol Interface) for third-party development or system integration. The Smart Gateway and Touchscreen Control Panel may come with different leves of ZigBee firmware, from the bare Ember SiLabs platform to any special Zigbee Smart Energy, Zigbee Home Automation, or ZigBee Light Link stack, and even with a complete Zigbee-Pro Node Management solution for a complex ZigBee mesh Net work.

Users can either develop their own firmare right on the devices by deploying the API, or integrate OWON’S hardwar device with a designed Cloud Server Folloing the CPI.

For more information visit http://www.owon-smart.com/

(This article is an excerpt from an interview with Charlie, the CEO of OWON in the Zigbeere Source Guide.)

Post time: Mar-25-2021

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