How to Choose a Right Thermostat for Your Home?

A thermostat can help keep your home comfortable and control energy usage. Your choice of a thermostat will depend on the type of heating and cooling system in your home, how you want to use the thermostat and the features you want available.   

Temperature Controller Output Control Power

Temperature controller output control power is the first consideration of the choice of temperature controller, which is related to the use of safety, stability, if the choice is inappropriate may cause serious consequences, such as fire disaster. 

Thermostat products are labeled with output control voltage and current, output control power can be obtained by multiplying the output control voltage and current. 

The operating power of the controlled device must be less than the output control power of the thermostat.Otherwise the thermostat will be damaged, serious will cause a fire!

Thermostat Input and Output Voltage Selection

Some brands of thermostat support multi-voltage input central air-conditioning thermostat. The most important thing you should do is to ensure that the input voltage and allowed input voltage to ensure consistent.

What’s more? Some thermostat do not support the on and off of direct current, or the DC voltage that can be on and off is lesser, so you would better to  consult with the businessman when buying it.

 Temperature Controller Accuracy Requirements

When choosing a temperature controller, we need also consider the accurency of it.

At the same time, the position of temperature controller can be located in the same space equipped with central air conditioning according to the requirements of air control. In order to achieve a temperature controller to control multiple air conditioning fan coils, a control box should be configured. The control box can be placed on the ceiling near the temperature controller, and the access port can be set at the position where the control box is placed for convenient maintenance.

By increasing the control of the relay switch to control multiple fan coil motor electromagnetic valve and pipeline, the thermostat starts the low fan coil and the electromagnetic valve control box RH and RV conversion run at the same time, the same is true of mid-range and high-grade. In this way, we can achieve a thermostat control multiple fan coil units. Also in order to have a accurate temperature in the space, we placed the original heat center room return air mouth and used the cable to the thermostat, the controller inside the relay number of current value to control fan coil power setting.

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