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    An open standard is only as good at the interoperablility its products achieve in the marketplace. The ZigBee Certified Program was created with the mission to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive procedure that would validate the implemention of its standards into marketready products to ensure their compliance interoperability with similarly validated products.

    Our program leverages the expertise of our 400+ memeber company roster to develop a comprehensive and exhaustive set of testing  procedures that checkan  implementations  compliance with the standards requirements. Our worldwide network of Authorized Testing Service Providers testing services in conveniently situated locations to our diverse membership.

    The ZigBee Certified program has delivered well over 1.200 certified platforms and products to the market and number continue to  grow ata an accelerated pace every month!

     As we continue to move forward with the deployment of ZigBee 3.0-based products into the hands of consumers all around the world, the ZigBee Certified program evolves as the guardian of not just compliance but also interoperability. The program has been enhanced  to provide a consistent set of tools across our network of test service providers ( and member companies) to enhance the continues to service as the checkpoint for implementation validity and interoperability.

    Whether you are looking to source a ZigBee Compliant Platform for your product  development needs  or a ZigBee Certified Product for your ecosysterm, make sure you look for offerings that satisfied the requirements of the ZigBee Certified Program.  

By Victor Berrios, VP of Technology, ZigBee Alliance.

About the Aurthour

Victor Berrios, VP of Technology, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all technology programs for the  Alliance and for supporting Work Group efforts in the development and maintenance of wireless communication standards. Victor is a recognized expert in the short range wireless industry as evidenced by his contributions to the RF4CE Network; Zigbee Remote Control, ZigBee Input Device, ZigBee Healthcare, and Zigbee Low Power End Device Specifications. He was recognized by the Continua Health Alliance as its Spring 2011 Key Contributor in recognition for his contributions to the success of the Test and Certification Work Group.


(Editor’s Note: This article, translated from ZigBee Resource Guide. )

Post time: Mar-30-2021

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