The Most Comprehensive Zigbee Smart Home System

As a leading supplier of ZigBee-based smart home devices and solutions , OWON believes that as more “things” are connected to the IoT, the smart home system will increase in value. This belief has fueled our desire to develop more than 200 types of ZigBee-based products.

OWON’s smart home system covers:

  • Lighting management
  • Home appliance control 
  • Home security 
  • Elder’s health care
  • IP camera

The smrt home can be a compliated idea, and customer requirements vary greatly between hourses. With our expertise in ZigBee technology and strong R&D capability, we can provide solutions for diverse homeowners’ needs. 

OWON releases one to two new products each month, providing innovative products to smart home applications worldwide. If your are interested in exploring the rapidly growing ZigBee-based smart home market, then OWON is your ideal partner. Please contact us at for further details. For more products

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Post time: Mar-24-2021

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