The Working Principle and Application of Wireless Door Sensor

The Working Principle of Wireless Door Sensor

Wireless door sensor is composed of wireless transmitting module and magnetic block sections, and the wireless transmitting module, there are two arrows have a steel reed pipe components, when the magnet and steel spring tube keep within 1.5 cm, steel reed pipe in the off state, once the magnet and steel spring tube separation distance of more than 1.5 cm, steel spring tube will be closed, cause short circuit, alarm indicator at the same time fire alarm signal to the host.

Wireless door magnetic wireless alarm signal in the open field can transmit 200 meters, in the general residential transmission of 20 meters, and the surrounding environment is closely related.

It adopts power-saving design, when the door is closed it does not transmit radio signals, the power consumption is only a few microamps, when the door is opened at the moment, immediately transmit the wireless alarm signal for about 1 seconds, and then stop itself, then even if the door has been opened and will not transmit the signal.

Also designed with a battery low voltage detection circuit. When the battery voltage is lower than 8 volts, the LP light emitting diode below will light up. At this time, it is necessary to immediately replace the special battery for the A23 alarm, otherwise the reliability of the alarm will be affected.

Generally it will be installed on the top of the inside of the door, it consists of two parts: the smaller part of the permanent , there is a permanent magnet inside, used to generate a constant magnetic field, the larger is the wireless door sensor body, it has a normally open type of dry reed tube inside.

When the permanent magnet and the dry reed tube are very close (less than 5 mm), the wireless door magnetic sensor is in the working waiting state.

When he left dry reed pipe after a certain distance, wireless magnetic door sensors immediately launch contains address coding and its identification number (i.e., data code) of the high frequency of 315 MHZ radio signal, receiving plate is by identifying the address code of the radio signals to judge whether the same alarm system, and then according to their own identification code (that is, data code), which is to determine a wireless magnetic door alarm.

Application of Door Sensor in Smart Home

The intelligent home system of the Internet of Things is composed of the interactive layer of home environment perception, the network transmission layer and the application service layer.

The interactive layer of home environment perception is composed of various sensor nodes with wired or wireless functions, which mainly realizes the collection of home environment information, the acquisition of owner status and the entry of visitor identity characteristics.

The network transmission layer is mainly responsible for the transmission of home information and director control information;The application services layer is responsible for controlling the home appliance or application service interface.

The door magnetic sensor in the door magnetic system belongs to the usual interactive layer of home environment perception. Wireless door magnetic English name Doorsensor, general gangster from the door into the residential method has two kinds: one is to steal the master’s key, open the door; The second is to use tools to pry open the door. No matter how the scoundrels get in, they must push open the door.

Once the thief pushes open the door, the door and the door frame will shift, and the door magnet and magnet will also shift. The radio signal will be sent to the host immediately, and the host will ring the alarm and dial 6 preset telephone numbers. Thus for the home life to play a more intelligent security protection, to ensure the safety of family life and property.



Post time: Feb-02-2021

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