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Matter allows developers to create smart devices that are interconnected across brands and is the standard for the Internet of Things that will enable industry convergence.  Here are some short videos will share how Matter brings together the strengths of Wi-Fi, Thread, and their common foundation — the IP protocol — to create a seamless network for a vibrant smart home ecosystem. Check out the video below.

Benefit developers: Unified smart home standards Matter makes it easy for developers to build on any ecologically used device at once, and the development process is easier than ever.

Multi Admin allows users to connect devices to any ecosystem that supports Matter, specify which systems each device shares with, and easily add multiple devices to new ecosystems to unlock new experiences.

Multi-household system: Matter can provide large-scale solutions for property builders, managers and all tenants, and integrate with the existing IP based property management application platform to achieve efficient operation and maintenance management through real-time visible property data and reduce operating costs.

Security and privacy protection: Protection of security and privacy has been embedded in every aspect of technical specifications and the entire life cycle of Matter products. Moreover, the security and privacy protection mechanism of Matter will not become an obstacle to application, and will make the use and development of consumers and developers more convenient and secure.


Post time: Jun-20-2022

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