Why do You Need a Smart Home Hub?

Smartphone remote home control system app. Bed Room interior in background.

When life gets chaotic, it can be convenient to have all your smart home devices operating on the same wavelength. Achieving this sort of harmony sometimes requires a hub to consolidate the myriad gadgets in your home.  Why do you need a smart home hub? Here are some reasons.

1. Smart hub is used to connect with the family internal and external network, to ensure its communication. The famil’s internal network is all electrical equipment networking, each intelligent electrical appliances as a terminal node, all terminal nodes by the family smart gateway centralized management and decentralized control; Home extranet refers to the external network, GPRS and 4G network which used to connect to the intelligent management terminal of the home smart gateway, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., so as to achieve remote control and view home information. 

2, A gateway is the core of a smart home. Though it can achieve the collection, input, output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control, and other functions of the system information.  

3.A gateway mainly completes three tasks:
1). Collect data of each sensor node;
2). Perform data protocol conversion;
3). Send the converted data to the back-end platform, mobile APP, or management terminal.
Besides, the smart gateway should also have the corresponding remote management and linkage control capabilities. Considering the rapid increase in the number of devices linked by the smart gateway in the future, the gateway should also have the ability to dock with the IoT platform.

In the future, with the exponential growth of the number of access devices, smart home devices of different manufacturers can realize data transmission and intelligent linkage through multi-protocol intelligent gateway. It is also a necessity to use the power of the Internet of Things platform to achieve the real sense of protocol intercommunication.
This requires the gateway to have a secondary development and platform docking possibility, to promote the realization of more intelligent scenarios.
Under this demand, Owon’s smart gateway has now realized the docking with the Zigbee platform, providing users with an efficient user experience.



Post time: Jan-21-2021

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