Why Use Zigbee for your Wireless IOT Solution?

      A better quation is, why not?       

      Did you know that the Zigbee Alliance makes carious wireless specifications,standards and solutions for IoT wireless  communications avalible? These  specifications, standards and solutions all make use of the IEEE 802.15.4 standards for physocal and media access(PHY/MAC) with support for both the 2.4GHz worldwide band and the sub GHz regional bands. IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transceivers and modules area available from over 20 different manufactures ensuring you can find the optimal hardware platform for your needs. With network specifications including RF4CE, the industry’s leadingsolution for consumer electronic remote  controls, PRO, the most widely used mesh networkingsolution for low-power medium bandwidth communications with well over 100 million devices deployed, Zigbee IP with its IP addressability and advanced security that makes it the chioce for many countries smart metering networks, you are assured a network portocol that fits your needs. 

      Add to the hardware and networking and networking layers Zigbee’s Consolidated Applications Library, the world’s largest of IoT device behavior profiles, and you can see why more companies chose to use a ZigBee technology for their product offering than any other wireless technology available. With the option of using a Zigbee technology as your starting point and then adding our own manufacture specific “secrete sauce” or by taking advantage of the complete interperable ecosystem and certification, branding and marketing programs available from the Zigbee Alliance you are assured success in the global wireless IoT markets.

 By Mark Walters, Vice President of Strategic Development, ZigBee Alliance.

About the Aurthour

Mark serves as Vice President of Strategic Development, guiding the Alliance’s efforts to develop and prompt standards and services of the global IoT marketplace. In this role he works closely with the Alliance’s Board of Directors and Memeber companies to ensure all technology and business elements are in place successful  deployment of products and services to the market.


(Editor’s Note: This article, translated from ZigBee Resource Guide. )

Post time: Mar-26-2021

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